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 Kevin Roth, Medical Researcher

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PostSubject: Kevin Roth, Medical Researcher   Mon May 31, 2010 5:02 pm

Kevin Roth

Nicknames: Kev, Eremita
Age in 2013: 35
Date of Birth: October 28th, 1978
Gender: Male
Occupation: Medical Researcher
Title: Doctor

Portrayer: Edward Norton

Kevin looks remarkably like his brother, Jonathon. However, as his brother appears charismatic and kind, Kevin is cold and mysterious. His eyes are cold and foreboding, and his smiles seem forced or at least artificial. He has dark hair and blue eyes, and is average height. He also usually has a beard and is only clean shaven for special occasions. He is also very casual in dress and is known for wearing the same thing multiple times in a row, unwashed. He wears reading glasses as needed.


Kevin is evasive in giving answers and gives the sense of being rebellious. He is a loner and doesn't respond well to any outside help. He has a "do-it-yourself" attitude and also has a temper. He doesn't scare or act surprised, and likes to treat life as if he knows everything, but only has to remember it. Kevin also seems insane sometimes, or at least not wrapped up too tight. He is also very intelligent and acts so.

Father: Thomas Roth
Mother: Mary Roth
Spouse: N/A
Siblings: Jonathon Roth

Kevin was born to Thomas and Mary Roth in 1978, ten years after his older brother, Jonathon, was born. In between the ten years, Mary had had two miscarriages and hopes weren't high for Kevin to survive before he was even born, but he was born successfully. It was pretty obvious at an early age that Kevin was extremely intelligent, though he was a social outcast. He became more friendly as a teenager and was popular with his classmates. He also looked up to his brother heavily.

When the time came, he attended UCLA and received a Bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering. He then worked hard to receive a Master's Degree and a PhD, eager to begin work to find vaccines and cures for sicknesses and diseases. He quickly made a name for himself, being reputed as a genius with genetics. He received a Nobel Peace Prize award for finding a partial cure to cancer. However, after a brutal accident resulting in a virus mutation after a complicated gene splice, Kevin became depressed and hateful of modern bio-engineering technology. He decided to use more primitive methods, and moved to Brazil, living in a small house near Manaus in the Amazon forest. He brought with him equipment to try to gene splice again, and used plants and animals to try to find unique vaccines, and has such turned out more important vaccines this way by exploring where no one else has done before.

Name: Nephill
Status: Taken
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Kevin Roth, Medical Researcher
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