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 Jonathon Roth, United States President

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PostSubject: Jonathon Roth, United States President   Tue May 25, 2010 6:22 am

Jonathon Roth

Nicknames: Jonny
Age in 2013: 45
Date of Birth: November 5, 1968
Gender: Male
Occupation: President of the United States
Title: President of the United States

Portrayer: Edward Norton

Jonathon has brown hair and blue eyes, and stands about six feet tall. He looks younger than his age, and is slightly built. He appears charismatic and has a reassuring smile, all good attributes of a politician. He has scars along his chest that are not public knowledge. He is often clean-shaven, and sometimes unshaved stubble is a sign of stress.

Jonathon also seems very coordinated, and rarely fumbles or stumbles. He also has a habit of moving his eyes slowly around a room before entering it.


Jonathon is charismatic and friendly, though he does have the capability to hate. He also is not easily scared or shaken, and seems cool when given bad news or in the face of danger. He has a habit of searching a room with his eyes before entering, something that was built in during training in the military.

Jonathon has been described as a great public speaker, and some say he could convince a boxing crowd that the rightful winner of a boxing match was in fact the loser. He also gives you a feeling of hope and security as long as he is calm.

When Jonathon wants something done, he will often become determined on making that one thing happen. When he sets on a course, it can't often be changed unless it is for a good reason.

Father: Thomas Roth
Mother: Mary Roth
Spouse: Nina Roth
Siblings: Kevin Roth
Other: Clare Roth, daughter

Jonathon Roth was born to Thomas and Mary Roth on November 5, 1968. He attended Yale University and began studying politics. However, his parents' funds suffered a major hit after several of their investments ended up worthless, and he joined the Air Force ROTC program to continue his studies, against the wishes of his father, who insisted enough money remained for him to finish his education. However, he wanted his extremely intelligent younger brother, Kevin, to be able to attend graduate school and get a PhD.

Soon, the Gulf War was started shortly after Jonathon joined the Air Force after graduation. He was promoted quickly to Captain, and became the pilot of an AC-130 gunship. His unit was deployed directly in combat, and his crew performed admirably. In one instance, his aircraft was hit by a SAM missile, and most of the gunship's systems shut down. The shrapnel flew into Jonathon's chest, and his co-pilot was also badly wounded and could not fly. Jonathon decided to make an emergency landing and was able to complete it successfully even though he was wounded. Jonathon was evacuated to a hospital right before the war ended, and had to undergo three surgeries to remove all the shrapnel. He received an Air Medal for his actions and was honorably discharged.

After his military service, Jonathon accepted a position at the Central Intelligence Agency and worked there for five years. In 1996, he met and married Nina Thorsky. Shortly after he served on the National Security Council. Their daughter, Clare, was born in 1998. After serving on the National Security Council for two years, he decided to work again at the CIA. In late 2010, he was selected to be Secretary of Defense because the current SecDef resigned due to medical problems. In 2012, he ran for president and was elected as the 45th President of the United States.

Name: Nephill
Canon Status: Taken
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Jonathon Roth, United States President
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