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 Matthew Gibson, Army Ranger

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PostSubject: Matthew Gibson, Army Ranger   Tue May 25, 2010 2:02 am

Second Lieutenant Matthew Kelvin Gibson

Nicknames: Matt
Age in 2013: 25
Date of Birth: April 15, 1988
Gender: Male
Occupation: Soldier
Title: Second Lieutenant

Portrayer: Eric Bana

Matthew has dark hair and stands a little over average height. He is not heavily muscular, but definitely more muscular than the average soldier or man because of years in the military. He also grows out a beard in the field, but when at home usually keeps it as stubble or is clean-shaven. He also has a battered watch that has a noticeable tear in it from a bullet. Right above his watch is a scar around two inches long from the same bullet wound. He also has the Ranger Tab tattooed on his right arm.


As an officer, Matt takes his job seriously as a leader, but does believe in having the soldiers trust him as one of their own, not a far away figure. He often will fight with his men and take field command positions, and one of his fears is being promoted and thus not being able to do so. He is not strict, but is not lazy either.

Matt is easygoing and friendly, and strives to be a mentor to each of his soldiers. He strongly believes in the responsibilities of the Rangers on the battlefield. In combat, he often slips into a different mindset than he uses when not on the battlefield.

He also tries to remain detached to the men he commands, as to avoid feeling unnecessary pain if they happen to die, a rule that was slammed home after a bloody tour of duty. However, he often does not follow his rule, though he usually only really cares about a few soldiers who are dear to him, probably chosen by him under fire.

Father: Jared Gibson
Mother: Rebecca Gibson
Spouse: N/A
Siblings: Sarah Gibson, Kenny Gibson
Other: N/A

Matthew was born to Jared and Rebecca Gibson on April 15, 1988, as the oldest of three children. His sister, Sarah, was born two years later, and little brother Jonathon three years after Sarah. His father was an engineer in the Army Corps of Engineers, and his mother was a scientist. Because the family often had to move with their father, Matt learned to be flexible and friendly, though remain carefully detached so he wouldn't become too attached to one place or certain people.

Soon, his mother, a genetic researcher, decided she wanted to pursue her profession more after quietly working at home and in small labs once the three Gibson children were older. As a result, his family settled in California, though his father often had to travel to work on various projects. Matthew attended University of California Davis to study engineering, and joined the Army ROTC even though his parents did not like the idea. Matthew originally decided to join the Army Corps of Engineers like his father, but decided to become an Army Ranger instead.

After graduating, he attended Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training, Airborne School, and finally the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program. He was deployed to the Middle East for one tour of duty leading a platoon of soldiers, where he suffered a wound to the wrist that got him in the hospital for a few weeks, but he was not in injured seriously enough to be sent home. After completing a bloody tour that taught him the costs of fighting a war, he returned home where he was deployed as part of a response team as the virus began to hit hard.

Name: Nephill
Age: 19
Timezone: Pacific U.S.
Experience: About 2 years.

N/A, since I'm the founder. alien
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Matthew Gibson, Army Ranger
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