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 Wreakers RPG Rules

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PostSubject: Wreakers RPG Rules   Mon May 24, 2010 3:05 pm


1. Registration of Accounts-This is not a player-per-account RP, so do not think you have to have multiple accounts for multiple players. Also, make sure you use an email that you check regularly enough, as I will send out news via your registration emails.

2. Application-In order to start RPing, you must first get your character approved. Use the character profile template, copying ALL BB code, and fill it out thoroughly. Additional rules on character submission can be found in the Template and Protocol thread. Your application must be well done in order to get approved. Treat this like an essay at school.

Portaryers will only be added to the taken list once your character profile has been approved. Portrayers must be real-life people, and you must have access to a good amount of pictures of them. Graphics should not be oversized. If you you have an oversized pictures, you can reduce it at imageshack.com. You will be warned if your image is too large.

3. Roleplaying-If you are a new RPer, there are several rules to follow. One is that your character should only know what they're supposed to know. Also, all RPing should be in the present tense if happening present, or past if it happened in the past (i.e. a memory). Also, you cannot kill someone's character unless this has been arranged with a staff member and the two or more players involved.

There is no minimum amount that you must have in a post to RP, but it should be regular length and include detail and actions of your character. Everything you RP should be in good grammar, English, etc. Chat language is strictly prohibited.

This is a rated R site. This means language, but not over-the-top, is permitted. Violence is of this rating but not a blood-fest. Sexuality must be kept reasonable. If something is too explicit, you will be notified. Feel free to PM a staff member if you have questions about what is and what is not prohibited.

A roleplaying guide will be posted later to provide more details on how to roleplay seriously. Also, on this site, we encourage players to form connections and their own plotlines, and bring those plotlines into the Site Wide Plot, to enhance the experience. Most of the Site Wide Plot will be decided by you, the players.

4. Treatment of Other Players-Treat your fellow RPers with respect. Insults and discrimination are strictly prohibited. If you have an argument with another RPer that becomes a big thing, bring a staff member into it to mediate before you get kicked out or punished.

When all else fails, BE KIND.
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Wreakers RPG Rules
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