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 Demicron: A World Torn

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PostSubject: Demicron: A World Torn   Sat Jul 03, 2010 3:48 am

After the Earth was almost completely destroyed in a nuclear holocaust, and after the elves had rebuilt it with the help of the mutated elves (who became the Lizard People to the South and the Cat People to the North) and the barbarian humans, people lived in peace. Relatively... Two brothers, Kohl and Garrett, were in constant combat. Kohl was accused of multiple counts of theft, assault, rape and other things, and punishment didn't seem to work. Finally, when Kohl assaults one of Garrett's friends, Garrett snaps. A verbal fight turns physical and ends in Garrett accidentally breaking Kohls neck. Kohl wakes in Hell and overhears two demons talking about the key to open the gates of Hell. He goes seeking an escape from hell, and with the help of some allies he picks up, he finds the cave Orpheus used to enter the underworld. He unblocks it and escapes to the surface. He begins to amass a small army to search out the key. Garrett, hearing of this, begins to raise his own. Meanwhile, a group to the south begins to gather their own army.
Which group will prevail? Will you aid in the forces of the dark, the light, or the mysterious group to the south? What fate will fall upon this newly rebuilt Earth? You be the judge.


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Demicron: A World Torn
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