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 Red vs Blue: Untold Chronicles

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PostSubject: Red vs Blue: Untold Chronicles   Mon Jun 07, 2010 8:41 pm

After the events of Blood Gulch Chronicles, there was a year or two in between BGC and Reconstruction. If you've ever wondered what happened in all that time, this roleplay is for you.

In the distant future, Humanity will have a struggle with aliens over the activation of the superweapon, Halo, and the heroes that ended up saving humankind were the famous SPARTANs. What the rest of Humanity didn't know was there were other attempts at supersoldiers, one such project being the Freelancers. Project Freelancer recruited some of the top marines, each given the codename of a state in the US and paired with an AI unit named after a Greek letter. These AIs were implanted into the Freelancers' brains to make them smarter, stronger, and faster. The results weren't what they had expected.

Some of these AIs and soldiers became uncontrollable. They split off from the Project and went rogue. Freelancers that went rogue or died were replaced. And contrary to what they may have said, they never did stop their testing.

Other than the Freelancers and scientists, small groups of novice soldiers were recruited as test dummies to train their Freelancers and as pawns to manipulate the rogue Freelancers. These soldiers and the Freelancers alike are going to get a whole lot more than they bargained for.

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Red vs Blue: Untold Chronicles
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