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 Alexander Daniels, Major General, Senior Member of the Joint Staff

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PostSubject: Alexander Daniels, Major General, Senior Member of the Joint Staff   Sun May 30, 2010 10:57 am


Nicknames: Alex
Age in 2013: 40
Date of Birth: March 18th, 1973 (starting date is May, 2013)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Army AOC [Area of Concentration] 38A (Civil Affairs Officer)
Title: Major General, US Army; Senior Member of Joint Staff (of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) Directorate J3 (Operations)

Portrayer: Daniel Craig

Although he has seen no combat--his career in the Army has been administrative in nature--he is in very good physical shape, having had Army discipline ingrained into him. He is a ruggedly handsome man standing at 5'9" and on the thin side--he has firm muscle tone, but he is not of the muscular body shape, and he has not an ounce of fat on him as the old saying goes. He keeps his wavy brown hair cut extremely short--a buzzcut with the number three attachment on the razor.


Alexander Daniels has spent his entire adult life in the Army (if you count West Point), but he does not fall into the some of the stereotypes of the Army grunt. He is an intelligent man who has excelled academically (he has received graduate degrees at senior Army educational institutions) and it really irritates him when individuals act as if the Army is just full of idiots with nothing better to do than fight. In terms of fighting, so far, Alexander has yet to see live combat, although one can assume that is going to change with the mess breaking out across the country and world. He is not gung-ho, nor has he ever been, about the prospect of combat, but he is willing to serve in what capacity is needed.

In terms of his general personality, he is a basically decent and good man who strives to do the right things and he sees the US Army as primarily force for good in the world. He cares about his fellow officers and soldiers and is very concerned about how the current pandemic will affect the Army and he definitely knows the concerns of national leaders and their possible responses because he works in the Directorate of Operations (J3) in the Joint Staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He certainly is no coward, but he is extremely concerned about the pandemic and, at some level, fears that if no successful way to curb its spreading it, it could be one of greatest disasters in modern history.

Father: Walter Daniels
Mother: Anna Daniels (nee Edmond)
Spouse: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Alexander Jameson Daniels was born in Orlando, FL. His father was a professor at the University of Central Florida and his mother was a substitute teacher--it allowed her the opportunity to stay at home with her only son, Alex. He was an only child because complications from giving birth to him and meant she could never have children safely again. He had a good childhood. His parents loved him and tried to provide him as good a life as possible.

In school, both primary and secondary, he was a very good student, but also fairly social and athletic. In short, he was your all around All-American type. He did his share of stupid stuff, but nothing too bad. By the age of 16, Alex knew he wanted to join the military and to attend one of the military academies--his grandfather had attended The Citadel and his uncle had gone to Annapolis. With his grades (he graduated in the top 2% of his high school class) and SAT scores, he sent a letter to his Congressional representative asking for an appointment to West Point Military Academy. It took several letters and his slightly-connected father pulling what strings he could to get Alexander into West Point.

Alexander's military career would actually be fairly unexciting. His four years at West Point by (he did quite well and, in his fourth year, he would serve as Cadet Regimental Commander) and he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army, specializing in Civil Affairs. Primarily, it was his duty to act as a go-between for combat troops and civilian authorities. At first, it meant dealing with angry cops when soldiers or officers did something stupid off-base, but he would also serve in Somalia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq, which was much more serious. He would also earn his Master's Degree in Strategic Studies from the Army War College.

Alexander is one of the youngest generals and was only very recently promoted. One reason he was promoted so young is because several generals have been seriously affected by the pandemic (he went from Colonel to Brigadier General to Major General in near record time). He is now officially assigned to the J3 (Operations) Directorate in the Joint Staff.
Name: Harrison
Age: 24
Timezone: Eastern (GMT -5)
Experience: 7-8+ years
Quote :
Andrew Eddington was not sure what to expect as he neared the massive Weston Palace. He considered himself a close friend of King Beckett, but he also the knew the young man was quite the hedonist and capable of disturbing behavior, but he was the King. If not for King Beckett, 24-year-old Andrew would just be a simply newly ordained Priest in the Church of England. Beckett had offered him a title of nobility, the Duke of Bedford to be specific, which Andrew had had to refuse on account of his Holy Orders. The King had then decided to name Andrew as the new Archbishop of Canterbury, making him the Primate of All England and the spiritual leader of the entire Anglican Communion. He was not sure whether to be pleased by this or not. Andrew was very devout in his Anglican in his Anglicanism, falling on the more Anglo-Catholic side of things, and he worried whether there was something sinful about being appointed to a position he knew he really did not deserve. Then again, he had not asked to be Archbishop, he had not asked anything of King Beckett, but the King had made a decision and he was the lawful authority in Britain. What choice did Andrew have but to accept his new role and serve to the best of his abilities?

The Archbishop drove his brand-new Honda Civic sedan--he does get a car allowance with his new position--through the countryside. It was beautiful out her and he certainly could understand by Beckett's departed father had chosen this area for his palace. Still, if that had been the only change around here, it might have been okay, but no, the Weston's had perverted British democracy into a return to Dark Ages feudalism. Andrew might have loved the Beckett as pseudo-brother and he was loyal to him as a subject of the realm, but he despised the direction the Weston's had taken the country.

Finally, his car reached the bridge over the moat. Before he could pass, guards checked his license plate and ordered him to roll down the window and show proper ID. Security appeared quite tight from the outside. Then again, it was not too hard to understand why. After that little ritual, his ID was handed back and Andrew drove his car over the bridge and through another security checkpoint. A valet approached him and, with a slight sigh, Andrew nodded and climbed out of the car so it could be professionally parked--with a quick glance at the lot where the valet was taking the car, the Archbishop surmised he had one of the more humble vehicles.

Out in the sunlight now, Andrew glanced around the courtyard of the massive palace. Like everything else here, it was beautifully apoointed and the gardens seemed perfectly manicured. Andrew was not sure where to go from here. The King had 'requested' the presence of his new Archbishop and long-time friend at Weston Palace, but little more than that had been conveyed. What did the young monarch want?

For the moment, he just remained in the courtyard. The weather was pleasantly mild. He wore a purple Roman-style cassock with the typical white tab collar that signified him as a cleric. Hanging from a chain around his neck was a golden pectoral cross and on the proper finger of his hand was the golden ecclesiastical ring worn by any bishop. At least he looked the part.
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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Daniels, Major General, Senior Member of the Joint Staff   Sun May 30, 2010 5:03 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Daniels, Major General, Senior Member of the Joint Staff   Sun May 30, 2010 8:04 pm


Looks good, Harrison. You look like an excellent RPer and your character's history seems very detailed and well thought out. As you are on the Joint Chiefs, and the President is heading to a meeting with them, that's where you should start out in the first RP.
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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Daniels, Major General, Senior Member of the Joint Staff   

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Alexander Daniels, Major General, Senior Member of the Joint Staff
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