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 Daniel Elric, Order Manager and Family Man

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PostSubject: Daniel Elric, Order Manager and Family Man   Thu May 27, 2010 9:08 pm

Daniel Elric

(Do not have an image yet)

Age in 2013: 28
Date of Birth: May 26th 1985
Gender: Male
Occupation: Forklift Driver


At 5' 6" Daniel is a shorter man who is built towards the stocky side. Keeps his head cleanly shaved with a well trimmed goatee. Despite being short and stocky Daniel is well muscled and built, strong wide shoulders and a broad chest narrow to a smaller waist. Broad strong legs round out his appearance. Altogether he wouldn't look out of place as some kind of ruffian.

He has sharp blue eyes that can either sparkle with kindness or harden to a piercing stone blue stare when angered. A small mouth that has a habit of smiling slightly to one side even in times of danger and that can broaden to fill most of his face when he is in good spirits. A broad nose rounds out the appearance. Not a particularly ugly or handsome person he is rather plain or so most would assume.


Daniel is mostly a kind and fun loving person. Quiet and stoic at first meeting he can quickly open up and when he does loves to make people smile and to laugh. Quick to joke and nearly as quick to anger Daniel is all about passion of one kind or another. He is slow to trust but once he does make a friend he is extremely loyal and will not abandon them no matter the cost.

When angry or sullen he really cannot be reckoned with and simply has to simmer down of his own accord. Quick to help people, even people he doesn't like, would make Daniel a good man some might say and a fool others. Either way while he doesn't make friends easily he cannot stand to see someone treated unjustly and will almost always do the right thing even if it might not be the best for him. A stilted romantic having his heart broken has made him harden or so he would claim. In reality he is still as much of a closet romantic as he was at the beginning and wants to believe the best about people and things.

Daniel's biggest downfall can be his tainted view of the world mostly his negativity that flares up from time to time and the fact that he is extremely hard on himself. He can also be stubborn and once he has made up his mind about something he won't usually change it without a lot of convincing.

Father: Garry Elric
Mother: Sharon Elric
Spouse: Mary Elric
Siblings: Garry and Ernest Elric
Children: Logan Elric

Born in 1985 to Garry and Sharon Elric, Daniel was a determined and often troublesome child from birth. Over curious and full of passion at a early age Daniel often broke bones and sustained other injuries in search of adventure. Introduced early to fantasy novels by his mother he dived into them with a passion. As a child he was constantly outside pretending to be a brave knight or a wandering wizard. Extremely close to his younger brother he would make up grand characters and worlds and they would spend countless days exploring them. Often thinking he would grow up to be a author he would scribble down nearly every thought and constantly attempted to write books.

Also at an early age Daniel was introduced to his first video game. After that he became an avid gamer devouring games at a quick pace that only quickened once he got his first job and was able to better afford them on his own. Still he never let it interfere with his life and would be the first to drop the controller to go outside and climb on something or have a sword fight.

After graduating high school second in his class Daniel took time off from school and though intending to go back to college just never got the chance. Instead he took the the workforce at an early age of 16 and since he didn't know just what he wanted to do he tried everything. Daniel has worked in fast food, shipping, driving forklifts, meter reading, warehousing, computer work, filing jobs and almost anything and everything he could get his hands on. Unique in that he was physically strong enough and enjoyed manual labor yet was intelligent and quick enough with a computer he could work in office related areas.

Married to Mary Gawf in 2008 he fell deeply in love and bought his first home that year. His life truly didn't begin until he was blessed with a son named Logan Cole Elric on December 15th, 2008. Now his life revolves around his family and he is fiercly protective of them. Still an avid gamer and rabid Star Wars and fantasy fan.

Currently he is employed as a project manager installing and managing internet and voice over ip services.

Name: Daniel
Age 28
Timezone: CST
Experience: Been playing D&D and writing stories as long as I can remember. Was very active on swtor.com.

I rp'ed with you on the forums and Meshla can vouch for me. If you still need me to though I can write something.
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PostSubject: Re: Daniel Elric, Order Manager and Family Man   Sat May 29, 2010 4:01 am


Looks good, Ninja. No sample needed.
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Daniel Elric, Order Manager and Family Man
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