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 Mila Roric, Civilian Student

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Mesh'la Runi


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PostSubject: Mila Roric, Civilian Student   Thu May 27, 2010 4:28 am

Mila Roric

Nicknames: Her name is short enough that people usually just call her by it, though she wouldn’t mind a nickname if someone decided to give her one…depending on what it is, of course.

Age as of May 2013: 23

Date of Birth: 9/15/1989

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student; works part-time at a local department store.

Brown hair that comes down to just above her shoulders, with blue-gray eyes. Only slightly taller than average, at about 5’8”, and somewhat gawky at times. Usually can be found in a T-shirt, knee-length shorts, and flip flops. Has a large scar across her back from an accident when she was 12, but it’s rarely visible.

The oldest of three siblings, she is familiar with being a stand-in leader when the head of a group is absent, though she prefers to have someone else to follow if possible. She is relatively outgoing socially, though she generally only has a small group of people she would actually call “friends.” Possessing an above-average IQ and a decent amount of common sense, she often struggles to understand how so many people are still so stupid, though these thoughts are seldom expressed aloud, and only in private settings.

Despite imagining herself as a strong-willed individual, she still suffers the occasional phobic moment. She is deathly afraid of cockroaches, and suffers from anxiety attacks (but she takes medicine which keeps it under control most of the time). Nevertheless, she always tries to look at the bright side of things, and this outlook is really only squashed when she is the only one seeing things that way.

She enjoys the science fiction and action genres immensely, and is an avid video game junkie.

Father: Charles Roric

Mother: Michelle Peterson

Siblings: Daniel and Michael Roric

Pets: York, her loyal Husky

Mila is an average kid from a middle-class family. She’s moved around a few times, but never really had any terribly traumatic experiences. The worst was when her father walked out on the family without a word, but even then, she still saw him on weekends.

Power outages and natural disasters are commonplace in her hometown, as “The Sunshine State” of Florida regularly gets hit by hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms several times a year. Living below sea level doesn’t help the flooding issue either.

After graduating from high school, Mila was accepted into a local university and is now living in a studio apartment just off-campus as she tries to finish the last few courses for her degree in Education. In her spare time, she works retail as a cashier to help pay for her expenses.

Name: Lindsey/Mesh’la

Age: 20

Timezone: EST

Experience: I frequently play D20 tabletop RPGs, as well as RP on forums and MMORPGs alike.
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PostSubject: Re: Mila Roric, Civilian Student   Thu May 27, 2010 4:34 am


Thanks Mesh, your profile looks great.
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Mila Roric, Civilian Student
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