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 A Note on Canon Characters

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PostSubject: A Note on Canon Characters   Tue May 25, 2010 2:13 am

All Canons here may not be completed. This is because in order to get that character, you must show you understand the character and show commitment to that character. The title will tell whether the Canon is a Work In Progress (WIP), Incomplete, or Ready for Application (RFA).

When applying for a canon, enter in additional information as needed, and use the below template to apply:

Quote :

Name of applicant:
Other characters:
Why you would be good at RPing this character:
Will you be using this character in personal plotlines or the site-wide plot?:

A staff member will reply to your application after it has been completed. When applying, reply to the thread that contains the profile.

Canons Available
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A Note on Canon Characters
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