Welcome to Wreakers, a viral post-apocalyptic role-playing game set in the near future.
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 First Steps

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PostSubject: First Steps   Mon May 24, 2010 4:58 am

Welcome to the forums!

As you probably know, this forum is about the events following a dangerous virus that mutates humans into zombie-like Wreakers, and also kills most of the world's population. All that are left are scattered civilians forced to arm themselves and work hard to stay alive, soldiers fighting against an unending army, scientists struggling to find a cure for the virus, and those who have no morals and kill Wreakers and humans alike. Yet others seek to take advantage of the situation....

Your character should be one of the above groups. Depending on your character, you will fight Wreakers, find safehouses, find supply caches, and make human allies as you strive towards a goal. In order to join the forum, each character you play as must be approved in the Character Submissions forums under Alpha. Also, please read the forum rules. Questions can be asked and will be answered in the Q & A forum. Before creating a character profile, check out the Plotline Timeline Thread so you know what the world's current situation is and what has occurred before you joined.

Thank you,

The Wreakers RPG Team
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First Steps
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